The exhibition presented a challenge: 52 book reproductions, not a single original; the exhibits were visually similar; their content – in Chinese. Our solution: to turn the viewing process itself into an adventure. Inspired by Chinese puzzles and book-binding, we designed metal stands with movable plywood planes, with books embedded in the planes. Visitors could browse through the books, and by sliding the plane, they discovered a story revealing why that particular book was so special.


Author: Ilze Kalnbērziņa Praz


Team: Zane Zajančkauska (project manager), Jevgenijs Sisojevs (technical consultant)


Client: Latvian National Library

Jury comment

  • "Successful Sou Fujimoto’s platform plans' use in a smaller piece as an exhibition stand. The message is clear: the books are not originals, and the purpose of the exhibition is getting to know a Chinese book engaging tactile senses."

    Vēsma Kontere McQuillan (Architect/Professor, Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology)