The team’s story

In 2017, a new tradition will  be launched in the field of design in the form of the 1st National Design Award of Latvia. This is an annual national design industry competition, whose goals are to identify, judge and promote the best accomplishments of Latvian designers, thus facilitating the use of design created in Latvia and long-term development and growth of the Latvian design sector.

The primary driving force behind the concept of the National Design Award of Latvia is the Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Culture, which in 2016 announced a public procurement competition, calling for projects to be submitted for the creation of the National Design Award of Latvia.

Starting from 2017, for the next three years the National Design Award of Latvia will be organised by the H2E Design Studio in collaboration with the LR Ministry of Culture, the Art Academy of Latvia, the Latvian National Museum of Art, and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. The team of organisers is comprised of eminent design industry specialists including experienced practitioners, visionaries and educators, who believe in the potential of Latvian design and can see its logicalities and possibilities.


Design studio H2E on the National Design Award of Latvia:

Quality appraisal of works and feedback are vital to anybody working in a creative field. As a team working in the field of design, we at H2E can testify to this. Over the course of many years, we have taken part in and are still participating in competitions of a local and international scale. However, we don’t always receive feedback justifying why a specific project does or does not receive an award. Appraisal of completed work is a vitally important part of the design process.

Symbolically, the recognition of quality began with the “Design Manifestation”cycle of events and exhibitions. We will continue this by organising the National Design Award of Latvia for the next three years.